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Crystal Report Writer

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X4 is fully integrated with Crystal Reports and our own Crystal Reports Viewer, an incredibly powerful report writing tool. Our comprehensive standard library of reports provides a wide array of reports on sales, inventory and much more with a few clicks of a mouse. Selection criteria enable you to easily and quickly manipulate the output according to changing circumstances. Custom report writing services are available to give you virtually unlimited access to your data and how it is presented for your individual need. Most reports have drill down capabilities so that you can peel back layers of data to get at the underlying detail. With on screen reporting, drill down and graphic displays such as bar graphs, your vital information is available to you on-demand without waiting for printed reports. At any time of course you can send your report to a printer, or alternatively export your data to an Excel spreadsheet, a Word document, Adobe PDF or Rich Text Format rtf.

With X4 and the Crystal Reports Viewer, you'll have access to information in ways you have only dreamed of. For example, with Crystal Reports and our PDF manager, email duplicate copies of invoices to customers in seconds with a few clicks of the mouse. To see more click here for an online demo, or contact us for a live demonstration!