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X4 Order Entry

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X4 Order Entry allows you to start and suspend orders easily and quickly. All the information you will ever need to complete the sale is only a click away. Check stock in many locations on one screen. Non-stocked sales are processed faster and easier than you ever imagined. Adjust prices, quantities and control back-orders with minimal effort. X4 easily handles items that are sold-in-multiples or with serial numbers. Stock enquiries show outstanding purchase orders and the expected date of delivery. Additional needs such as managing date specials, quantity break pricing, special charges like freight, labour and environmental surcharges are handled quickly and easily. Depending upon the need, taxes can be toggled on or off as necessary.

Lost sales can be recorded with a single mouse click and the purchasing system is alerted automatically. When processing returns the original sale is checked automatically and the credit is issued at the original price (less restocking charges where applicable). Warranty returns, back orders and much more are managed easily and effectively.

X4 Order Entry is so powerful and easy to use, one operator can manage multiple orders simultaneously. To see more click here for an online demo, or contact us for a live demonstration!