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"Rinax X4 has got everything I need to run my store efficiently. The Windows screens are easy to use and the speed and reliability of the system is fantastic! Because it's easy to use, it takes an inexperienced counter person and gives them the tools and the confidence of someone with years of experience. I love it!"

- Scott Strabel, Bumper to Bumper
Scott Strabel
Bumper to Bumper, Edmonton


"We have four distribution centers in Western Canada with approximately 14,500 SKUs running on Rinax software. We recently finished our year end inventory count and our performance was remarkable! Our inventory turns far exceeded industry averages for WD's, and the dollar variance was accurate to three decimal places. We are quite pleased with the results and pleased with the way Rinax inventory control works for us."

- Peters Warehouses Ltd.
Peters Warehouses Ltd.


"We’ve been using Rinax since November 2000 and since that time they have helped our company keep up with the high demands of the Oil Patch. By giving us the tools to manage our growing inventory and receivables efficiently and accurately, we’ve been able to move forward and grow our business with adding only minimal staff. They understand our business and their support has been exceptional. Rinax has been the best purchase our company has ever made."

- Derek Ness, Bonness Oilfield Supply
Derek Ness
Bonness Oilfield Supply